Emergency Sprinkler Repair Within 30-60 Min.

Sprinkler issues can be very frustrating when they occur at night or during a weekend forcing you to take remedial measures. As a leading sprinkler repair company in Lehi, UT we offer emergency sprinkler repair services that will get your irrigation system back to its normal working condition. In addition, our emergency team is always ready to respond to calls made as late as 11 pm or on a weekend. Therefore, you have no reason to compromise your lawns health.


Many people are fed up moving from one service provider to another looking for one that offers satisfactory services. If you are one such person, it’s time you stopped and start work with the best company. Our technicians are trained to customize services to meet the unique needs of every client that comes to us looking for help. For us, time isn’t an issue, and you can trust us to get everything you want anytime. Hence, the Lehi, UT community refers to us as a 24-hour sprinkler repair company.  So, we are happy to have earned such an excellent reputation in the city and neighboring areas.

It’s not good to lose your precious time trying to handle your sprinkler system when it breaks at night. You might just end up worsening the situation. So, what you should do is to take your phone and call us or even just contact us through our site. Even when the issue seems to be a simple one, it’s good to contact our group to avoid wasting time. Our emergency sprinkler repair team in Lehi, Utah is always ready, and you can be confident to get an immediate response. Whether you are far from our center or near, we’ll send our technicians and not third-party contractors. Therefore, take advantage of our readiness to serve you and get our excellent products and services.


Our great team of sprinkler technicians works full time. Therefore, you can trust us to deal with all the common problems like a leaking pipe, broken valve, damaged head, stripped fitting and problematic sprinkler controller among others. Also, we offer 24-hour sprinkler repair services for all these areas and many others regarding sprinkler systems for homes and commercial buildings. All our employees have great skills and from time to time we offer them training to sharpen their skills. As a result, they are able to meet the changing client demands.

We are aware that new irrigation brands are being released from time to time by manufacturers. As a result, we can comfortably deal with all brands out there in the market. If you have any new brand that’s malfunctioning, call us the moment it starts troubling you. Our emergency sprinkler repair experts are well versed with all the leading brands. In addition, we not only offer repair services but can also get you any brand you’ve been looking for and have not acquired it. Our team can get it on your behalf and install for you.

Our team at Raintech Sprinkler Systems is available every single time your sprinkler system stops working the way it’s required. So, call us (801)-7348-010 for 24-hour sprinkler repair services in Lehi and its neighboring areas.