Residential & Commercial Sprinkler System Installation

Are you a new home or business owner in need of Irrigation Installation services? Our company offers these services in Lehi, UT and its surrounding areas. With us, your property will have a beautiful lawn you’ll love for many years. In addition, we have the best techs trained and qualified to offer these services. Hiring us to work in your newly built home or business is not only a wise decision, but also wise use of resources. Therefore, you can trust us whenever we are called to offer these services.


Our goal as a company that operates in Salt Lake and Utah County is to provide excellent services with no hidden or additional costs. As a result, we provide solutions that make a difference when it comes to sprinkler installation. If the door you are using is outdated and you would like to have a new one in place, we’ll help you get that best brand you’ve been looking for from leading manufacturers. Our technicians have the experience to deal with all types of sprinkler systems made of any material. Also, we have the right skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with the following types:

  • Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Sub-Surface Irrigation

  • Center Pivor Irrigation

  • Lateral Move Irrigation

We not only install sprinklers! But, we also help you select they right system if you are building your home or business premise, and have a difficulty in choosing the best type. That’s why our irrigation installation services are different from what other people offer. We are always in the market searching for irrigation tech and practices for our clients. For you, these are things you might not have done in the past, and the chances are that you do not know all the irrigation options you can choose for your home. In fact, we have mastered all the types and brands out there, and you can rest assured that you’ll get the best from us.


Getting an irrigation system can be a hassle for you if you aren’t familiar already with what you should look for during the process. For us, the process is both fun and easy. In fact, it is what we do on a daily basis. And, we are happy to do it. To get the best system we usually consider some factors, in order to desing the best system with all the necessary features. With the numerous irrigation brands out there, it can at times be difficult to narrow down to the best ones if you haven’t been doing the job. However, for us, it’s a simple task, and we will help you if you are experiencing challenges choosing one. Therefore, here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best irrigation system:

  • Water Type

  • Water Pressure (PSI)

  • Water Efficiency

  • Full Coverage Design

  • Material Type

  • Cost.

  • Warranty.

If you go through all the above factors with the help of our sprinkler installation experts in Lehi, you’ll get the best system that will complement your home or premise. We offer our services to both residential and commercial property owners. So, contact us today and let’s plan your journey to having a new sprinkler system.

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