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Raintech Sprinkler Systems is Lehi’s trusted sprinkler repair sprinkler installation company. Located in Lehi, UT and serving Utah and Salt Lake County! All work is guarenteed and done by qualified technicians. Call (801)-734-0810 today!

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We are the leading and the most trusted provider of sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation services in Lehi and it's neighboring cities. Our team of highly trained technicians are the friendliest you’ll ever find. Whatever sprinkler services you need, Raintech Sprinkler Systems gives you assurance that you’ll have professional service from us anytime. In addition, we comfortably deal with any style, part, brand and size in connection with home or business sprinkler systems. Whether it is a broken head or a damaged valve, we’ll make it work again. With us, you won’t have to worry about your sprinkler system.

Our team not only deals with sprinkler repairs or replacement of parts; it also offers sprinkler system installation services to anyone having makeovers at home. With us, you will be sure to get exceptionally excellent service and A to Z coverage. In fact, getting our services is the most guaranteed way of improving the appearance of your lawn. Best of all, we complete our tasks in one day to two days. Indeed, Raintech Sprinkler Systems is the company you can depend on entirely for all your irrigation repair and irrigation installation needs.

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When it comes to great service for your irrigation installation and repair needs, you will be delighted that you choose to work with Raintech Sprinkler Systems!

You can partner with Raintech Sprinkler Systems in Lehi, UT

We are not just a sprinkler repair and installation company, but also a trusted partner. Raintech Sprinkler Systems works closely with top manufacturers of sprinkler controllers and parts. So, if you want controller brands such as Hunter, Rachio, and Skydrop, our sprinkler repair technicians can get them for you. Our company is trustworthy because:

  • Our Team Keeps Up With New Technologies.

  • We Guarantee Quality.

  • We Serve Our Customers 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

  • Our Company Is Licensed And Insured.

  • Our Prices Are Industry’s Lowest.

We service all the corners of Salt Lake and Utah County and neighboring areas. All of our customers have saved their time, money by receiving timely services whenever they need help. Get the assurance of high-quality services from our Raintech Sprinkler Systems technicians. Call (801)-734-0810 now and we’ll respond shortly.


“Friendly, very easy to work with and professional in every way! Great value for the work and service provided!”

- Kerry S. (Sept. 14, 2018) Verified

“Absolutely awesome. He did what every other sprinkler tech I hired couldn't do. Very detailed and he made sure all sprinkler sections work. I will keep his number for future reference. Highly recommend.”

-Tusi S. (Jul 16, 2018) Verified

“These guys were super professional. They fixed all of my sprinkler heads and reset my timers to give me a greener lawn. Love them.”

-Emily W. (Jun 12, 2018) Verified

“Great value and finished the job in the time frame stated even though it was raining. I would definitely use them again.”

-Peter S. (Mar 15, 2018) Verified


Sprinkler repair, such as valve replacment is an activity that requires cautiousness when performing, whether for a residential or commercial property. As a company, we have sharpened our skills, and can complete the replacement without disrupting your schedule or posing any danger. Irrigation Valves can serve for many years depending on how you use your sprinkler system and maintain it. However, many people complain when they break because they do not understand the work of irrigation valves. They play a very vital role and, in fact, are the main control of your system. If you thought it’s the controller that does the job, know that it’s the valves.


The aftermath of a broken sprinkler valve is similar to that of a broken sprinkler line. In both cases, when one breaks you should call for immediate professional service. If you have a broken irrigation valve, do not ignore it. This means that your sprinkler system is in a vulnerable state and may have difficulty operating. However, the solution to this problem is simple: Call Raintech Sprinkler Systems and one of our expert technicians will arrive at your door and replace your valve the same day. We highly advise against trying to replace the valve by yourself. It could lead to unnecessary accidents that could otherwise be avoided by calling a trained personnel. Whether you need a sprinkler valve replacement, or just a sprinkler line repair, we are here to help.


Sprinkler systems do not break when you are prepared to fix or get expert assistance. In fact, they can break any day or hour; as a result, bringing everything including your schedule to a standstill. We understand how stressful such situations can be to you. Therefore, our emergency team is always ready to help you regardless of the day or hour you call for help. That’s why you need to partner with us, so we meet all your sprinkler system needs. Sprinkler Repair Lehi. We want everyone living in Lehi, UT to get high-quality sprinkler repair, and sprinkler system valve relacement services.

With our sprinkler system valve replacement  experts in Lehi, you will have access to our 24/7 support services. We’ll offer you high-quality services at very competitive replacement/repair rates. Take advantage of this great opportunity. Contact us now.


Are you a new home or business owner in need of Irrigation Installation services? Our company offers these services in Lehi, UT and its surrounding areas. With us, your property will have a beautiful lawn you’ll love for many years. In addition, we have the best techs trained and qualified to offer these services. Hiring us to work in your newly built home or business is not only a wise decision, but also wise use of resources. Therefore, you can trust us whenever we are called to offer these services.


Our goal as a company that operates in Salt Lake and Utah County is to provide excellent services with no hidden or additional costs. As a result, we provide solutions that make a difference when it comes to sprinkler installation. If the door you are using is outdated and you would like to have a new one in place, we’ll help you get that best brand you’ve been looking for from leading manufacturers. Our technicians have the experience to deal with all types of sprinkler systems made of any material. Also, we have the right skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with the following types:

  • Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Sub-Surface Irrigation

  • Center Pivor Irrigation

  • Lateral Move Irrigation

We not only install sprinklers! But, we also help you select they right system if you are building your home or business premise, and have a difficulty in choosing the best type. That’s why our irrigation installation services are different from what other people offer. We are always in the market searching for irrigation tech and practices for our clients. For you, these are things you might not have done in the past, and the chances are that you do not know all the irrigation options you can choose for your home. In fact, we have mastered all the types and brands out there, and you can rest assured that you’ll get the best from us.


Getting an irrigation system can be a hassle for you if you aren’t familiar already with what you should look for during the process. For us, the process is both fun and easy. In fact, it is what we do on a daily basis. And, we are happy to do it. To get the best system we usually consider some factors, in order to desing the best system with all the necessary features. With the numerous irrigation brands out there, it can at times be difficult to narrow down to the best ones if you haven’t been doing the job. However, for us, it’s a simple task, and we will help you if you are experiencing challenges choosing one. Therefore, here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best irrigation system:

  • Water Type

  • Water Pressure (PSI)

  • Water Efficiency

  • Full Coverage Design

  • Material Type

  • Cost

  • Warranty

If you go through all the above factors with the help of our sprinkler installation experts in Lehi, you’ll get the best system that will complement your home or premise. We offer our services to both residential and commercial property owners. So, contact us today and let’s plan your journey to having a new sprinkler system.


Sprinkler Winterization is a common task that many property owners have to face. Although maintenance can help reduce the chances of frozen pipes, the fact remains that even the best systems should be winterized. Our Raintech Sprinkler Systems business has the best team of sprinkler winterization technicians to blow-out your system.


As experts ready to provide you top quality services, we might need some information from you to help us do the best. When you need our sprinkler winterization services, we always ask about your sprinkler controller model, the size of the main line, and even the main shut-off location among other finer details. This allows us to do a perfect job and to leave you satisfied with your sprinkler system’s condition. Our goal is to ensure that the winterization is done well.

Depending on which type of system you have, our technicians will assess your sprinkler system to determine which winterization method works best. As a top provider of these services, we do our best to avoid inconveniences like these. This is why our irrigation winterize service pros always take the time to assess all sections of your system carefully before any work takes place. Our process ensures that your system will clear of all water for the winter.


As part of our great commitment to offer you exemplary customer service, our techs are highly knowledgeable when it comes to sprinkler system maintenance. Our maintenance tips and techniques have always helped our esteemed clients. We place great importance on this area knowing that preventive care is very vital if you want your irrigation system to remain working and safe for as many years as possible. However, this can be a little bit challenging if you are not in touch with a team that’s experienced and does the job perfectly. To avoid as many hassles as possible, give our team at Raintech Sprinkler Systems the job, and you’ll never regret it.


Maintaining your sprinkler system is easy and does not have to be a tough process. As experts who have been in this vital industry for years, we have come up with simple, helpful tips that we give to our customers. The one awesome thing about sprinkler system maintenance is the fact that some practices are simple and you can do them alone even without having to waste time or go far looking for someone to help you. However, you need to plan routine inspection with our team, so we fix those things you can’t fix alone. We are available anytime you need our assistance. That aside, here are things you can do to ensure that your irrigation system is working smooth for your family:

  • Adjust the spray of each sprinkler head

  • Ensure that nozzels are free from debris

  • Check valve box often

  • Inspect/replace damaged heads

  • Tighten loose fittings

With the above simple yet helpful maintenance practices, you’ll no doubt live to be a happy homeowner enjoying your system all day and night. That’s why whenever we are called to offer sprinkler repair services, we don’t just do it, but also ensure that we offer the above and other tips to the customer. Besides that, we are always available to help you when things are challenging, or you are not sure about the exact thing to do. You can be sure that our sprinkler system maintenance techs will offer you the best services. Call us anytime from the comfort of your house, and we’ll be more than willing and ready to offer you the assistance you need to keep that system working.


If you want to a healthy lawn and to boost the exterior of your house, then you need to give importance to maintaining your sprinkler system. In fact, it plays a great role when it comes to the beauty and exterior aesthetics. Therefore, keeping your sprinkler system adjusted and efficient all the time is one among the best ways you can use to make your place look attractive. Besides that, you’ll also enjoy high effiency and ease of operation. You, however, have to be serious when it comes to tune-ups and regular maintenance. Since it might be a little bit tough, hire us. Our sprinkler system maintenance specialists will come up with a schedule, so you don’t have to worry or fail to keep your sprinkler system maintained.